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Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws

A friend just asked me "How can I know what the carry laws are in various U.S. states?" I said there's a perfect resource for that: the Traveler's Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States by J. Scott Kappas, Esq. -- published by an attorney who happens to be a machine-gun dealer. To keep himself out of trouble with the law as he travels through the U.S., he created this guide for other travelers to read and use.

You may also consult
handgunlaw.us but I like the paperback Traveler's Guide. Remember that (1) laws change, (2) some law enforcement is not as knowledgeable as they could be, and (3) ignorance of the law is never an excuse.

That's why *I* buy each annual issue of The Traveler's Guide! Happy travels! PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY ABOUT THIS LINK TO BUY THIS BOOK!

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CHECK THIS OUT: A tiny RED or WHITE LED light for miscell. tasks!

I work in security (and drive for a living as well) and often need a tiny task light that won't take up one of my hands. It's like a clip-on reading lamp, but it has the option of a bright red LED so that it preserves your night vision! To buy it, click on the above photo (which will open an Amazon Associates link).

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1911 (born 1910)? or Glock (born 1988)?

(My Colt)

I've been meaning to write up a blog post on this rivalry -- 1911 or Glock -- for some time. I may have already written a piece on it here at DCHI, but here's my current take. I have owned both a used Colt (Model 1911) Series 80 in 45 ACP, and a used Glock model 22 (Generation 2) in .40 S&W. I still have the Colt, although I am selling it on GunBroker. While I sold the Glock years ago because I had a negligent discharge, I would not hesitate to buy another one.

The reason I mention these two guns specifically is they represent two examples of "fanboy-ism" and the two ends of the spectrum of complexity. The 1911 has about 85 parts, and the Glock 17 has 36 parts. Ask yourself: Which is more likely to break down? RIGHT, the 1911.

About the 1911: It has been manufactured by Colt (the original builder of genius John Moses Browning's design) since 1911 for both the military as the M1911 and the M1911A1 since then. Nowadays, you can spend as little as $500 (Armscor, while made in the Philippines is highly regarded for its quality) or $1,000 (Springfield Armory; see below). Also see the YouTube video by Funker Tactical, "Four Reasons I No Longer Trust the 1911 With My Life."

If you hang out at gun stores enough, you'll hear a guy insist, The 1911 is the best gun, and that'll be the end of his "thinking" on the matter. If you're interested in learning more, I suggest you watch some YouTube videos, especially  Hickok45, God, Guns, and Family, and
MAC (Military Arms Channel). Also, read and reread these articles from the New Jovian Thunderbolt blog and Gun Nuts Media (Caleb Giddings).

I also owned a Springfield Armory(R) brand 1911, their Loaded model. It was awesome, and I regret selling it. It had everything you could want standard that most people spend up to $1,000 to be added on: ambidextrous safety (debatable as to whether that's a positive), tritium sights, beavertail grip safety, titanium firing pin, and much more.

About the Glock: It's been manufactured by Gaston Glock's eponymous company since 1988. Mr. Glock was not a engineer or gun maker before he figured out how to build one of the most reliable and well-loved guns in the world. Starting with the Glock 17 (his 17th patent) in 9mm, his range of guns includes the following calibers: .380, 9mm, 10mm, .357 SIG, .40S&W, .45 ACP, and the .45 GAP round. I owned a police trade-in gun in .40 S&W, the model 22. I found that the round was very snappy (the technical term is "sharp recoil impulse"), but it worked really well.

The sights were off, so until I figured that out, I had a hard time being accurate with it. Normally, the unique hexagonal-design barrel of the Glock is very accurate. I also failed to completely disassemble it. If I had done so, I would have learned how filthy it was. It was a testament to its robust design that it never "hiccuped" on my -- it fed, extracted, ejected just fine no matter what kind of ammo I put through it. While I don't own one now, I pledge to buy one by the end of 2019
and use it to compete in GSSF matches for cash and gun prizes.

I found that I wasn't ready for a non-manual-safety gun after I fired it into the wall of my basement office. Thanks to my strict observance of the Four Rules of Gun Safety, no one was hurt except my ears and pride. (The simpler version of the "Four Rules" is courtesy of the NRA; click here).

Since then, I've carried a Smith & Wesson M&P FS (full-size) 9mm. You can buy the M&P 9mm in FS or long slide variants, M&P Compact, and in multiple calibers: .380, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. If I had to do it again, I would buy the model without a manual safety for its ease into getting it into the fight without thinking about a safety. Not to knock the safety, but if it's engaged by ACCIDENT, and if you don't train to automatically sweep it off as you draw, you may find yourself trying to fire a gun on "safe" (NO BANG). That could get you killed.

Some police agencies fielded the M&P in 9mm, .40S&W, or .45 ACP, then switched over to other brands for various reasons (mechanical, financial, etc.). So the gun can be found at very reasonable prices (about $100 off retail for a new model) at many online vendors: AIM Surplus, Summit Gun Broker, SOG International, and others. NOTE: Used gun dealers run out of supply then get more supply in. I found Sportsman Outdoors Super Store is in this latter category especially -- they get lots of police trade-ins, then they sell out very fast. So check these sites often if you're looking to buy a specific make, caliber, etc. GOOD LUCK.

"Classical Liberal"? "What's That?" -- An alternative to Democrat and Republican Parties

I have to credit the late Albert Jay Nock (d. 1943) with opening my eyes to the nature of "The State" (as opposed to government) with his incisive book, "Our Enemy, The State", available at Amazon* in multiple formats: hardback, paperback, Kindle, and audiobook!

He was born before 1900, so his writing is charming and unique in style. I first discovered his writing by reading "Our Enemy, The State" many years ago, then I moved on to some of his other books: Cogitations, The Disadvantages of Being Educated, Memoirs of a Superflous Man, and The State of the Union. He was once the editor of The Freeman, and those volumes are available, too. Memoirs is also available as a free Google book online, here.

He never sought to found anything like a school or movement or cult, but only to lay out his thoughts as they might be useful to others.

I hope that you enjoy this important American writer. You might begin with Our Enemy, The State, then his Memoirs, then any one of his other books. If you enjoy his writing, you can drop me a note through the "Leave a Comment" link under this blog post.

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Police flasher

Olympics Biathlon (Cross-country Skiing + Target Shooting), PyeongChang 2018 TV schedule here

Biathlon -- from the Greek: "bi" (two) + "athlon" (contest) -- is a great sport combining two high-intensity disciplines that work at cross-purposes! Cross-country skiing gets your heart pumping and your lungs working overtime, then you have to stop at a shooting position, slow down your body, then concentrate like mad to make your shots with the most futuristic rifles ever!

Click THIS LINK to view NBC's Biathlon coverage!

Typical biathlon rifle (.22 LR or Long Rifle) in use:

Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images
PHOTO SOURCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/explanation-olympic-biathlon-guns-2014-2/

Please let me know if you found this brief post helpful!

Official PYEONGCHANG2018 biathlon discussion including videos

Accurate Shooter website explains how an Olympic rifle works

Biathlon Coach explains the rifle in detail (great video)

Ruger announces Mark IV (.22 LR) pistol recall!

Ruger has found a safety-related problem with their NEW Mark IV pistols ONLY made before June 2017.

Click here to be sent to the official release from the manufacturer.

This manufacturing error is why it is so very important to know and observe the Four Laws... (click on phrase to learn more!)

If you own a Ruger Mark IV, please check out the Ruger information today, and be sure to tell all of your Mark IV-owning friends!!

NOT GUN-RELATED: What will it take to pay off my credit card?

If you're like most people, you carry a lot of credit card debt. I've got to whittle my own debt down.

I checked out Bankrate.com, one of the best sites for mortgage loans/student loans/banking/credit cards/etc. There, I found a credit card pay-off calculator! CLICK on this link for more information. I'm now transferring debt from card X to card Y because Y is offering 15 months zero (0) APR so that you can freeze the awful accumulative effects of interest. Bankrate.com also offers credit card transfer offers where you can apply for the cards directly from their site!

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Remington 870 (ex-police dept. guns) on SALE NOW

If you're a shotgun fan, and want one to protect your house, farm, etc., Southern Ohio Gun is offering 18 to 20-inch barrel Remington Police Magnums 870s at bargain prices: under $270 each! (PS: Should be DC-legal as a long gun.)

CLICK HERE to be routed directly to the S.O.G. Rem. 870 page. (Originally posted January 2017) There are still a few left as of February 11, 2018, so check out the link above!

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Remington 870 12GA Police Magnum
Police flasher

SOLD OUT - Bud's Gun Shop (Online) / USED Belgian, Israeli, Hungarian HI-POWER 9mm PISTOLS

Used Interarms Surplus FN Hi-Power 9mm 13+1 Fair

Bud's Gun Shop (was) offering used Browning Hi-Powers (AKA the P-35) in 9mm -- several versions and conditions available: Belgian (FN, highest quality), Israeli, and Hungarian versions. Prices are great. They may ship to D.C., but you'll have to call and find out. Click this link to access Bud's Gun Shop. Use the Product Search box and type in "Hi-Power" to see the various models while they last. (I tried linking to the results page on May 30, but for technical reasons, it would not display that page through this blog!) You can get the original Hi-Power with plastic grips or wood grips, an Israeli clone in stainless steel, an FEG (Hungarian) clone in "silver finish", etc. These guns will sell out quickly, so buy now.

Based on Maryland's Approved Handguns Roster used in D.C., you can buy the Hi Power, BUT in D.C., you can't own magazines over 10 rounds. So you'll have to tell the seller NOT to send you factory mags, and you'll have to order your own from an online vendor like Midway USA (reasonably priced at $24.99), or the original maker, Browning (outrageous at $64.99 each), or a local gun store or gun show.

Guns don't have to be expensive to work, so long as you stick with the highest squality makers: Browning, Colt, Fabrique Nationale, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, etc. As an aside, SOME people who are fans of John Browning, inventor of the 1911 pistol in .45 ACP, say that this gun invented later (around 1935) was the pinnacle of Browning's design work: slim, good capacity, no grip safety, excellent ergonomics, etc.

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