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BREAKING: I've been evaluated by some website and ranked 1,623,051st in the United States.

SOURCE http://urlm.co/www.dchandguninfo.livejournal.com

I always wondered how this blog was rated, and finally I know (/sarcasm). It will take a lot of work to get out of 1,623,051st place! With your help and your word of mouth to friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc., I might just climb out of those sub-basement rankings. I was inspired to post this because of @Iowahawk's recent tweet about the microscopic value some RANDOM site assigned him.

I happen to do this blogging gig to amuse myself, to educate my readership both inside and outside the District of Columbia, and incidently to make some money with my Amazon links whereby I can earn commissions. So if I link to something on Amazon in a blog post and you find it interesting, buy it, won't you? For example, attorney Branca's new book... (click on the image below to buy the book from Amazon)

You may want to also purchase Kappas' indispensable Traveler's Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States (picture link below). If you travel anywhere in the U.S. and cross state lines, this book can keep you literally OUT OF JAIL. (Click here for another article on this same case.) As the expression goes, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." You need to buy this book's new edition every year to really stay on top of new gun laws if you own a gun.

DISCLOSURE: If you buy an Amazon item that I link to, Amazon will pay me a small commission.

NOTE: I do not necessarily endorse every product listed on this blog; use good judgment!

#unpaidad: I have joined the Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network for a reasonable fee. Their awesome idea is to promote knowledge about lawful self defense, and one key benefit is a network of participating criminal defense attorneys who you can contact BEFORE you need one -- if you should ever be involved in a defensive shooting. If you are carrying a gun for self defense, you need to strongly consider joining

Thanks for reading DCHI! Tell a friend about it today!

Do you have a gun that you do not want any more? Maybe you inherited it, or it was abandoned in your house, or some other way... Please e-mail me to discuss your alternatives. I am not a lawyer and am not engaged in legal advice. To send me a message, use the LEAVE A COMMENT button below any link on this blog!!


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