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SOLD OUT - Bud's Gun Shop (Online) / USED Belgian, Israeli, Hungarian HI-POWER 9mm PISTOLS

Used Interarms Surplus FN Hi-Power 9mm 13+1 Fair

Bud's Gun Shop (was) offering used Browning Hi-Powers (AKA the P-35) in 9mm -- several versions and conditions available: Belgian (FN, highest quality), Israeli, and Hungarian versions. Prices are great. They may ship to D.C., but you'll have to call and find out. Click this link to access Bud's Gun Shop. Use the Product Search box and type in "Hi-Power" to see the various models while they last. (I tried linking to the results page on May 30, but for technical reasons, it would not display that page through this blog!) You can get the original Hi-Power with plastic grips or wood grips, an Israeli clone in stainless steel, an FEG (Hungarian) clone in "silver finish", etc. These guns will sell out quickly, so buy now.

Based on Maryland's Approved Handguns Roster used in D.C., you can buy the Hi Power, BUT in D.C., you can't own magazines over 10 rounds. So you'll have to tell the seller NOT to send you factory mags, and you'll have to order your own from an online vendor like Midway USA (reasonably priced at $24.99), or the original maker, Browning (outrageous at $64.99 each), or a local gun store or gun show.

Guns don't have to be expensive to work, so long as you stick with the highest squality makers: Browning, Colt, Fabrique Nationale, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, etc. As an aside, SOME people who are fans of John Browning, inventor of the 1911 pistol in .45 ACP, say that this gun invented later (around 1935) was the pinnacle of Browning's design work: slim, good capacity, no grip safety, excellent ergonomics, etc.

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