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Olympics Biathlon (Cross-country Skiing + Target Shooting), PyeongChang 2018 TV schedule here

Biathlon -- from the Greek: "bi" (two) + "athlon" (contest) -- is a great sport combining two high-intensity disciplines that work at cross-purposes! Cross-country skiing gets your heart pumping and your lungs working overtime, then you have to stop at a shooting position, slow down your body, then concentrate like mad to make your shots with the most futuristic rifles ever!

Click THIS LINK to view NBC's Biathlon coverage!

Typical biathlon rifle (.22 LR or Long Rifle) in use:

Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images
PHOTO SOURCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/explanation-olympic-biathlon-guns-2014-2/

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Official PYEONGCHANG2018 biathlon discussion including videos

Accurate Shooter website explains how an Olympic rifle works

Biathlon Coach explains the rifle in detail (great video)

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